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Infoluence | A Platform for Budding Influencers

Terms & Conditions


1. Infoluence (The Platform) is a sub-brand under the Talent Shop Sabah (The Brand/Agency), managed by Borneo Impact Sdn Bhd (The Company).

2. The Company reserves all right to amend this Terms and Conditions which shall be deemed effective as soon as it is published on this page (

3. Infoluence serves as a directory platform for third party organisations such as clients or business partners of The Agency or The Company.

4. The purpose of The Platform is also to provide job opportunities for social media influencers, personalities and content creators (The Members).

5. Job opportunities as referred to Clause A (4) include social media endorsements, special appearances and invitations, reviews, ambassadorship contracts, marketing campaigns, performances and talent engagement and procurement (The Services).

6. The Members may sign up to be publicly listed on The Platform for free.

7. The Agency reserves the right to accept or decline a registration application for The Member to be publicly listed on The Platform.

8. The Agency has set a minimum requirement for The Members to have a minimum of at least 10 genuine posts and above within the recent three (3) months on social media, and have a minimum of at least 1,000 real followers, page likes, or subscribers on any of the registered social media platform of The Member.


1. Certain information of Members be released to the public via The Platform. This includes:
i. The Member's name.

ii. The Member's social media handles on various social media networks and platforms.

iii. The Member's minimum fee for Services.
iv. The Member's residential and/or Service location(s) or area(s), and;
v. Any digital media by which The Member provides or The Agency records.
2. The Agency may also use any other information that The Agency finds from other sources that have already existed in regards to The Member's name for the purposes that are described below. Any private and sensitive information will require The Member's permission and consent to be used.

3. The Agency shall use the information provided by The Member to:
i. Respond to Request for Proposals (RFPs) and/or inquiries.
ii. Be presented to third-parties that are interested in engaging with The Members for Services.

iii. Communicate with The Members for collaboration purposes and engagement of Services.
iv. Send newsletters, updates, educational contents and promotional contents, and;
v. Create a brand portfolio of The Members and be published on the website and other social media networks and platforms of The Agency.
4. The Members will be informed when The Agency uses or provides information of The Members to a third-party organisation in relation to responses to RFPs and/or inquiries.


1. The Member shall hereby grant The Agency the right to use the information provided by The Member in Clause B (1) as well as images, videos, description, background, audio recordings, and artworks of The Member for the purposes stated in Clause B (3).

2. The Agency reserves the right to capture photos and videos of The Members for marketing purposes.

3. The Agency does not reserve the right to manage Services associated with The Members, except;

4. Services engaged by The Members may be managed by The Agency if and only if The Members are:

i. Contracted as a Talent under The Agency.

ii. Involved in a Services that was introduced by The Agency through liaising with a third-party organisation.

iii. Granting consent and rights to The Agency to manage The Members for an engagement of Services.


1. Should The Member decide terminate and/or be excluded from The Platform, he or she must notify The Agency by sending an email to addressing his or her cancellation of Membership attached with his or her reason for being unlisted from The Platform.

2. No fees or charges shall be imposed to The Member for a request of Cancellation.

3. The Agency reserves the rights to exclude, terminate, ban or temporarily suspend The Member from The Platform granted that The Member is presented with a reason or cause for the exclusion, termination, ban or temporary suspension without prior notice.

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