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HuaRen TehPing Show

华人TehPing 节目 is a Sabahan Chinese-centric digital entertainment channel consisting of various segments.

Our goal is to provide a platform that connects businesses to the Chinese market in Sabah by providing entertaining content on social media to gain public attention as an achievable and opportune means to increase sales and create brand awareness.

This programme is powered by Talent Shop Sabah.

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游戏节目: 开玩笑Bah (Game Show)

Laugh, laugh and keep laughing. This show is all about fun, comedic and hilarious contents. We want our viewers to have a show where they can unwind themselves and just have a good laugh!


买卖节目: 超级Buy (Shopping Show)

There is always someone out there who loves shopping! We want to reach out to everyone who LOVES SHOPPING. Crazy sales, all day, everyday, and it's all about online shopping on this show!


买卖节目: 吃到爽 (Food Show)

COMING SOON: This segment is not available yet.

Greek Food

Our Talents

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Sales Administration Manager: Brian (+60 16-619 0840)

Marketing Manager: Brandon (+60 12-351 0887)


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